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Wroclaw University
of science and technology (wust)

WUST is one of the most influential academic centers for technical science in Poland. The Department of Thermodynamics and Renewable Energy Sources at Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering trains committed engineering students, PhD candidates and researchers in groundbreaking scientific research covering fluid mechanics, thermal and process engineering as well as renewable energy and refrigeration systems. Research in the Faculty’s Department focuses on process and energy technology within a mechanical engineering context. Research ranges from the fundamental and conceptual up to full equipment scale. In last 10 years the activities of the faculty staff have been framed in 175 official competitive grant projects and 10 EU projects. WUST employees are experienced in working on European research grants in cooperation with the industrial sector across Europe, thus increasing the implementation potential of the proposed novel building cooling system for the construction sector.

Universidad De Almeria (UAL)

UAL (University of Almeria, Spain) is a research/education-oriented public university. UAL’s main R&D areas of interest in technical disciplines are agricultural engineering and renewable energies. Participation in COOLSPACES will be undertaken by The Solar Resource Assessment and Climatology (TEP165) group and the Complex Fluids Physics Group (FQM230). TEP 165 has extensive experience in the design/optimization of thermal systems as well as the integration of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy within the construction sector. This experience is supported by the publication of more than 60 articles in journals and about 150 conference papers. Over the last five years, all group members have participated in various national, international and industry-funded research projects. This experience enables the group to perform all the COOLSPACES activities. FQM 230 has extensive experience in basic research in complex fluids, both experimentally and using modeling and simulations, also in connection with solar cell energy production. The main research topics cover phase transitions in complex fluids, flocculation and gelation, transport through porous media, and dye-sensitized solar cells. Financial support has been obtained from European, national and regional institutions.


Helix Ingenieria y Biotecnologia S.L. is a company specializing in automation and industrial control processes. It designs artificial conditions, environmental chambers, clean/testing rooms, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects with innovative applications of ground/air/water source heat pumps. The company also carries out projects on renewable energy for auto-consumption (photovoltaic/wind) in new developments i.e. latent heat accumulation in PCM materials for industrial cooling/heating and domestic hot water in the building sector, solar water pumping and irrigation. More information is available at HEDERA has a strong background in and unique know-how of the design and manufacture of airconditioning and refrigeration systems as well PCM-based thermal energy storage. Hedera helix is formed by a team that in permanent contact with the clients (universities, technology centers, researchers and producers). The strength of their offer is monitoring the project from sale until the end of its useful life, updating and assisting them throughout their period of operation.


PROZON Fundacja Ochrony Klimatu – supports any action leading to the reduction of usage and emission of substances that harm the environment, ozone layer particularly. As the first organisation in Poland, PROZON neutralises, regenerates and donates to reuse substances including CFC and HCFC. PROZON is active in spreading knowledge towards cautious usage of F-gases as well as shaping the awareness of environmental protection among experts from installation, maintenance and repair refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps sector. PROZON actively cooperates with polish Technical Universities and training centres by participating in conferences and trade faires. As accredited Examination Body, PROZON Fundacja Ochrony Klimatu has allowed more than 2000 specialists to work in HVACR section. We have admirable relations with all RAC media and PROZON’s Founders that are three major refrigerants distributors in Poland – Linde Gaz, Schessl Polska and Air Products, having all together about 65-75% of the refrigerant market in Poland. Fundacja has been also serving as a help line for RAC contractors and operators on legislative and technical issues.

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