Expected results of the project

1. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions due to less consumption of primary energy generated from fossil fuels, and thus local pollution created by energy generation, leading to a reduction in both negative health and climate impacts. The reduction of CO2 emissions by 41.06 tons / year will also result in a reduction of SOx, NOx and dust emissions by 0.0365, 0.0338 and 0.002 tons / year, respectively.

2. Reducing primary energy consumption by at least 60% compared to a conventional BC system, thus offering an extremely sustainable, sustainable solution for the construction sector.

3. Use of a climate-friendly refrigerant instead of conventional refrigerants (HFCs).

4. Designing, manufacturing and testing an innovative CFR-based, solar-powered prototype cooling unit and refining its technical performance.

5. Geographic mapping of the installation in another EU country – it is assumed that an analogous installation will be built in UAL. It is estimated that the reduction of HFC emissions as a result of the implementation of the mentioned system will be achieved.

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